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Many people in the world who are willing to do anything for the sake of Adventures. One such woman, a resident of the US are Parkinshn Freedaivr Liz. He recently Bahamas shark on a beach in the middle of a photoshoot done, which is becoming viral on social networking sites. During Photoshoot ruined underwater Liz sitting on a ship, there are visible around them dozens shark. Why did this photoshoot …
The photoshoot took the North Carolina resident Barret captured by the underwater photographer. He Liz during photoshoot posing like a professional model was given. Photoshoot was dangerous to sharks around, but we did it. However, many people have had to ask me how I did it? These are real. Do not try to eat shark’s Liz?
Has said that each year millions of sharks are killed. So, I want to tell people that sharks through this photoshoot is not as dangerous, as much as people think. Indeed, the more people die from a vending machine, in all of the shark attack.