The girl was in love with strangers in the metro, this is a unique way to express

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Brasilia. Resident of Brazil Lethika Jesus was traveling in the subway. Then his eye fell on sitting in front of a curly-haired boy. At first glance, these strangers like the boy came Lethika, but he could not speak to your heart. Lethika to find it in such a unique manner. What was that way, Know …
Lethika blue shirt and purple trousers boy sitting in front of Carmo’s name was Gabriel. Who was busy on his phone. Lethika first tried to talk to her, but did not dare. Before the boy off at his stop, Lethika pulled his photos from his mobile. This photo social media posts and wrote ‘line 11 Coral, Direction luge, time 13:40, I am in love. ” If you know anything about this guy and let me comment. Lethika’s friends said the boy’s social media profiles. Then the conversation started. Both are dating each other.

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