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Texas San Marcos resident of the province of 23 Emma Pope weighs 140 kg. For this reason his friends called Fat Girl. Moreover, due to obesity were also several comments on them ugly. Everyone mocks Emma was obesity. So, this girl determined to lose weight. Now has less weight 64 kg …
Emma weight within a few months was reduced by 64 kg and 76 kg are now. Emma said school friend of obesity I always used to laugh, but I’m not even used to tell her parents about it. These comments seem quite bad for me, my friends, but I did not complain to him as ever. But once people during volleyball match my outfits because things were ugly-ugly. Such continued outside.
Despite this, it seems to me that people would make fun of me one day will leave obesity. But it was not happening. One day a friend of mine told me to lose weight. Then I decided to reduce my weight. First on my diet and workout exercises control and then would concern. So I was reduced to 64 kg. Fat boy at school called me, now they want to go on a date with me, boy.