Worldwide there are many women who seem much smaller than your real age. One such woman, a resident of South Korea Lee Su genes which are present a dentist. Li Yun 48 years, but they do not seem to have more than 20 years of age. They were also very active on social networking sites and upload your photos that day. People understand college girl …
The large number of people to follow on Instagram Lee. Their followers understand these college girl. Please tell Lee was born in 1969 and the last 16 years they have been practicing as a dentist. He has a daughter who seems to see all their peers. Please tell Lee then overnight became popular, the Korean TV show “bean beds, Different Drims’ came in. Then upload it to your social networking sites became more and more photos.
What is plastic surgery beauty behind this?
After coming to the show, most people did not understand why a mother may look younger than your daughter. However, it took several people were Inkrej. However, some people have associated with plastic surgery are seeing the beauty. South Korea argue that such surgery is very common. The Lee also likely to maintain its beauty will be resorted to plastic surgery.