A girl in Madhya Pradesh allegedly set herself on fire after being threatened by one of the two men accused of kidnapping, raping and trying to kill her.

The man, released on bail a week ago, is missing, say the police.

The girl, who is below 18, poured kerosene on herself and lit a match on Wednesday morning. She was taken to hospital with 40 per cent burns.

She has third-degree burns but is reportedly out of danger.

The police say the girl was raped in February by two men from her village in Itarsi, around 90 km from state capital Bhopal.

They allegedly kidnapped her and one of them raped her. The two then cut her all over her body with a blade and left her for dead.
Both men were caught and jailed after the girl went to the police.

The one who got out of prison on bail helped the rapist.

The girl’s father said: “She was raped on 16 February. One of the accused was recently released from jail so she thought that his friend would also come out soon and they will kill her.”

Recently in Bihar, the desperation of another teen rape survivor dominated headlines and deeply embarrassed the state government when she begged for help on WhatsApp, saying that her alleged rapist was out of jail and his political connections threatened her safety.

Accused Raj Ballabh Yadav is a lawmaker of Lalu Yadav’s party, which co-governs Bihar with Nitish Kumar. The state government has asked the Supreme Court to cancel his bail.