This girl Hooks to hang himself in air

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Nose-ear-piercing, then you must have seen the whole body is not easy to get a piercing. Here we are going to introduce you to Catlin his legs, face, stomach and other parts of body piercing is getting at is himself hanging in the air. He does so with the help of professional Piersr Dino Helvida. He picks up the roof of an empty building. That is why …
Caitlin says that by doing so I want to test the body’s ability to endure pain said. It comes in all my Nigetiviti Hakdino Helvida out and positivity are ready Kaitlin explains that as soon as I let him hang Horijentli in the air with the help of a metallic frame. 27-year-old Dino Piersr and expert body is suspension. The last 6 years, people are hanging in the air like that. Many times this happens for an hour or more.
What is the process …
This whole process is Keyrfuli. Body piercing is the first without the needle. Metallic hooks, which are then placed in a thin rope and hang. They picked him up in the body is attached.

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