Viral on social networking sites are the photos of the day Rich Kids, which provides a glimpse of their luxurious lifestyle. A similar 23-year-old girl, a resident of Russia Julia Stakiwa which is very popular because of its Labis lifestyle. It uploads your photos on Instagram to the 57 thousand people, where they are followed. But recently he’s living quarters revealed a shocking truth … the truth
The Guardian, who works as a Colmist Marina Hyde has revealed the sensational connected to Julia. Marina said the billionaire businessman’s daughter herself on Instagram Even Julia says, but in reality it is nothing. Neither his father nor the billionaire businessman. According to Marina, Julia for a few days in the posh area of London had rented a luxury house, whose rent was Rs 1 lakh 51 thousand. Julia made a photoshoot in this house and that he himself is the daughter of Russian billionaire.
Flight was the haircut
Julia was the daughter of the first man himself told the Russian billionaire. According to Julia, his father’s firm in Russia’s food. However, Julia was also added that his clothes are more than 15 million, while the haircut every time they are personal flight from London to Moscow.