When the girl was dragged away by the crocodile, then what happened?

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Thornton, with his childhood friend, a woman was walking on the beach. After a while both were swimming in the water. They had no idea that they are in an area where swimming crocodile are found in the multitude. Then, suddenly, came a crocodile and dragged the woman away. This is the case of Queensland. Woman’s name Kindi Vadron. New Zealand with his childhood friends had come here for a holiday. These were the last words …

47-year-Kindi, 47, who with her friend Michelle Lynn Thornton 10 pm was at the swimming alligator who was being brought up. Lynn said, “I have caught the crocodile ‘were the last words of the Kindi. I tried to save him but could not succeed. Due Loklaid did not know about us. Search and Rescue team to locate Kindi said. But so far have not got a clue.

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