North Witch. Many people around the world who are victims of peculiar phobia. If any of these own navel touching the water at any fear. Lauren Levine One such case is that of a resident of England who had never eating phobia attached. However, by way of bodybuilding, he has overcome his fear. The girl was afraid to eat healthy foods …
Lauren Levine, 23, who hails from Cheshire in England to introduce people bodybuilder and also provide personal training. The childhood I meats, fruits, vegetables, was afraid to eat. I was too scared to even drink water. For this reason I only bread, chips, crackers and crunchy could not eat it. My parents forced me to try to feed healthy foods, but I refused. Even school lunches also used to throw.

Lauren said that the reason I was upset by Haddock. Even I used to sleep for 12-12 hours. During this time I was deciding that I have to bodybuilding. I made this decision with my boyfriend Alex Moss said. They knew what I should eat to stay fit. They used to say to me constantly eating new dishes, but I was afraid. One day he made with his own hands jacket potato, which I quite liked. Then I also try new dishes were good and everything seemed to me slowly.

Please tell Lauren professional bodybuilder and others now offer its training. He now takes care of your diet is full of. He said many people ask me this is how I made such a body. I keep telling him that only through healthy diet, along with exercise, it was possible. However, now that I want to help people, like me, who are the victims of food phobias.