New South Wales in Australia to swimming with crocodiles interesting photos of women have been reported. By use of a plastic cover only women are seen floating near the 16-foot long crocodile. An English website to do these very brave women said. Dangerous to do is …
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Many experts point out that usually do not attack the crocodile, but may vary at any time in their nature. In such a situation it is considered extremely risky. One such woman floating near the mouth of the crocodile Plmrij Fraini also appear. First there were the woman’s photo on Instagram, where it has substantial stakes. Then another photo went viral on social networking site.
Fraini filmmaker by profession, but he loves to do such stunts. According to the report, is the saltwater crocodile species. There are enough people comment on the photo of the woman, many people are praising her for it, but many say they should not do.