Miami (Florida) Featured .Original resident of Cuba remains a girl these days internet sensation. Because her body shape, which is similar to the American model and actress Kim Kardashian. Staying in Miami that the US jobs Fererio The model name is Cathy, the Instagram has 44 million people followed. Himself says Hot & Sexy …

Kathy herself on social networking sites’ Mamosota “says, which means that the hot and sexy. On Instagram ‘Kathyzworld’ this girl by the name of active daily uploads your photos. Some of these photos on the beach, some are clicked during exercise in the gym. Kathy says that he has the right to shape not made any surgery, but his body is natural. Not only that, they also use Photoshop to improve your photographs do not.

Cosmetic firms are in jobs

Kathy just cosmetic firm you work as a distributor, but at night they can be seen by the party on Miami Beach. John Chant says the PR guru Kathy Kathy really beautiful and her body is perfectly natural. As a result, compared to the other girls at the party Kathy get more attention. At first glance, Kathy Kim Kardashian understand everyone sits.