This girl was buried alive by fiance

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34-year-old Stacy Gvaliyn their own fiance Keith Hughes was buried alive in the grave. They both went on a romantic drive. Suddenly a fight over something both lost their temper and Keith and Stacey’s strangulated. He fainted. Keith him dead, buried him alive. This event Gower Peninsula, South Wales is. The remaining life …
Keith Stacey came to his senses after escaping he found himself down to the ground. She points out that at the time I was not able to breathe, could not move o. It seemed to me as though I had Paralaij. I came out somehow. Arrived in a golf club. From there I was taken to the hospital. I was in a coma for a few days, 26 days began to recover. However, Keith was sentenced to 8 years.

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