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It is a viral video on YouTube in which a girl is bathing and playing with the Burmese python. But he was swimming in a swimming pool that appears. So far, 21 million people have watched this video. The girl was much younger, while the dragon is quite hefty 8-year-old dragon …
However, this video 2 years ago, but it has recently viral. Many English news site is also shared this video now. A YouTube user has reported that it is a family dragon and its name is placed Sumatra. Albino Burmese Python, it is said. The girl wearing glasses and playing along with swimming and dragon also seems. Viper is said to be 8 years of age. According to information posted on YouTube, the dragon was young once, and since then has played with the children. Birthday parties are also involved in the dragon people.
The dragon with dog and cat lives and have so far not harm anyone. Burmese pythons are not poisonous, but according to one report, despite some cases of people harmed by the snake.