Many people around the world who do not care for the health professions in the affair. A similar 41-year old resident of Hamilton in Scotland are Bigm Lorna. It is so crazy about bodybuilding that despite the refusal of doctors during the 9 months of pregnancy weight of 100 kg were raised.
Surprisingly the advice of doctors during pregnancy uncompromising Lorna had no problem during the delivery. The few days later he had qualified in the British Female bodybuilding finale. As a reminder, a total of 4 children Lorna and her husband also professional bodybuilder.
Eat 4000 calories a day
Lorna said I eat 4000 calories a day for myself, but still I am not happy with my size. Extend the exercise to do better. Please tell Lorna height of 5 feet 7 inches to 76 kg and they are jobs of Firefighter. In addition to jobs, not just the bodybuilding but also give full time to his family.