Japanese technology has always been raising eyebrows because they are always a world apart from rest of the world in terms of thinking and innovations. After inventing the fastest bullet trains, Japan now is set to launch an “Invisible Train” by 2018.

This futuristic train will be made with the use of special “Hyper Reflective” materials which will basically merge the train along with the urban and rural scenario outside.
This mirrored bullet will have living room like interiors, as “Kazuyo Sejima” , the architect who is heading this massive project wants the travelers to relax in comfort.

Shinkansen Trains in Japan are already a wonder to look at, while some countries are still to get their own piece of bullet trains, Japan has them since 1964. Since Japanese people do not like to be late anywhere the average delay for the trains is less than a minute!

Kazuyo Sejima, who is well known for her clean and sleek reflective designs, is an architect who has used reflective surfaces earlier as well on famous structures like Louvre Lens in France to many great structures in Tokyo as well. She believes in mixing the technology with the surroundings. The idea is to travel and remember the experience so that riders want to travel again. Let’s hope to get the same technology in india as well so that we can maintain our incredible india with the help of this ghost train!