A person’s world goes upside down after a break up. He finds it extremely difficult to move on in his life, as innumerable memories of his beloved bombard him. It is such a painful stage for many people that they find themselves in utter confusion and mayhem. The confusion regarding the decision whether one should move on in life or keep living with a hope. Hope is a positive thing but sometimes after breakups, it is a hope that makes things worse, as in the sufferer continues suffering in a hope, that everything would soon patch and again they will be together with their beloved. However, in reality the things are not so.

Some breakups have a room for compromise and reunion, while the others do not. Lovers are supposed to be wise enough to find the difference between these two sorts of breakups if they want to go through minimum amount of turmoil post break up. Sometimes it is better to leave hopes and start a new life. You need to recollect all memories, the good and the bad ones, analyze them and try to seek a result on which your life depends. If you have a feeling that your relation should not end so you can put some efforts to reunite, on the other hand if you feel that nothing is going to change then leave all hopes, free yourself from the shackles of past memories and move on in life. As soon as you will decide to move on, the less agony you will have to face. Once you take a decision to move on, these three following tips will make your journey less painful and positive:

Give yourself sometime

Human mind is unlike a computer memory from which you can easily delete stuff with a few clicks. Human mind takes a good deal of time to forget things, in fact it is not forgetting but our mind and heart learns to accept things as they are after some time. Whatever your emotions are, anger, frustration, sadness, guilt, regret, remorse, just bring them all out. There is no need to feel any embarrassment over the occurrence of emotions, as they are all normal. Give vent to all such emotions and you will certainly feel better and it will help you a lot to move on in life with optimism.

Learn a lesson

Breakups do hurt but they teach a lesson too and make one wise. One can learn important love lessons from breakups and use them to make their future relationships flawless and brimming with happiness. All of us term breakups as failures because we fail to realize the importance of the lesson that a break up teaches us. They make us better human beings as we get rid of our mistakes after learning about them. Breakups make us strong physically, emotionally and mentally, as they teach us not to solely depend upon another person.