With the constant pitter-patter of the rains, it is time for you to get romantic with your partner. Whether it is going out for those long drives or just getting into the blanket and having a movie marathon, we tell you of some creative ways you can enhance your love this monsoon.
Don’t be afraid to step out
Getting wet together in the rain is for couples who enjoy adventure. Just step out arm-in-arm and enjoy the drizzle. Walking in the rain, splashing water as you go ahead will remind you of all the fun you had in your childhood.
Go for a drive
Explore the backroads near your neighbourhood as you take a drive around the corner and you are sure to find a green cover where you can enjoy a cuppa of hot masala chai. You can also try taking a drive to the Western Ghats which is breath-takingly beautiful during this time of the season.perfect time to catch up on all those movies that you probably missed out on. If you aren’t a movie person, you can probably download your favourite TV shows and watch them back-toback. Keep a tub of popcorn to munch on. This is also the time to explore the various restaurants near your house which have home delivery services, so you can put your feet up and enjoy to the fullest.
Go to a bookstore and explore the romantic poetry section
If you are out and going around the city, go to a bookstore and explore the romantic poetry section. You can sit there and read poetries to each other even as it rains outside.
Bond over a candle-light dinner
If the lights go out because of the heavy rains, you can plan to have a candle-light dinner at home. Make sure that you stock up on groceries, so that the two of you can quickly dish out something special. Set up a table for two, light the candles and enjoy the sound of rains.Music and Dance to keep you happy
Get dressed in your best outfit, put on some music and dance your heart away with your partner in tow. You don’t have to worry about who’s watching… just hold onto your partner and have a great time as you swirl as one. Sing and dance and groove to the beats. It is a sure-shot way to lift your mood, if you are feeling the rainy blues.
Play cards and indoor games
You can now bring out your chessboards and scrabble. You will not know how time will pass by, as you engage in board games through the day. You can also play antakshari with your partner and keep the theme limited to rains. The mood will certainly turn romantic as you sing one rainy song after the other.
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