We spend a lot of time applying makeup. But isn’t it disheartening when it turns out to be dull or boring even after so much of hard work? If you are anything like me, then bad makeup is a big letdown and many times it is because of something as simple as a kajal!

Candle,Eye liner,Cotton swab,Matte black eyeshadow

The first and most important step towards getting maximum color intensity from your kajal is to revive it. Reviving dried eye pencils is really easy and simple. Place the tip of the eye pencil near the candle flame for good 1 or 2 seconds and then remove it. I recommend doing this trick with a candle as the heat will be lighter than stove flames.

After holding it for a second, you might notice the product has become rather creamy and soft. Do not hold the eye pencil very close to the candle flame nor hold it for more than 2 seconds.

Now, take a clean cotton swab and run it gently across the waterline of your eyes. This step will ensure that your waterline area is dry. The most important reason because of which our eye liners appear less pigmented on the eye lid area is the excess water on your waterline which stops the kajal from adhering well to the skin.

Now, choose a matte black eyeshadow. If you are using colored eye pencils, then the eyeshadow should match the eye pencil. In this step we will be applying the matte eyeshadow over the kajal gently. Load a small angled or pointed eyeliner brush with some matte black eyeshadow.

Then, pull the lower socket of your eye and place the matte black eyeshadow over the kajal. This trick will intensify your kajal even more as well as increase the longevity of the wear time. There you have, super intensified kajal on your eye lids!