It is a difficult task for most parents to make their kids go to school following a weekend break.

Now, after a month-long summer holiday, it is going to be even more of a challenge. Here are a few tips you can use to help your children get back to the school routine:

Get them involved
By now, you would have bought the necessities for the coming academic year (books, notebooks, uniforms, et al). Get your kid involved in getting these things organised — like covering the books and notebooks, labeling them, getting the uniforms pressed, and so on.
Buy new things

Buy at least one new item for your child as this will motivate them. It could either be a school bag, lunch bag, pencil box, water bottle or even stationery. If your child is an ardent fan of comic heroes like Spiderman, Superman or Chota Bheem, buy stuff that has these characters.Throw a party

You can arrange a get-together and invite your kid’s school friends home. Meeting friends will make him/her look forward to school. You could also get them excited about the new friends they would be making this year.


Give them a preview
Just sit and talk with your kid the way you usually explain things to them. Talk about the thrill of getting back to school and meeting teachers and classmates after a long time. You could even talk about some of the exciting topics that they are going to learn this year and give them a peek into these topics.