There are all sorts of jeans out there — flared, distressed, ripped, skinny and what have you. But if you’re adventurous, you can add some oomph to your look with these edgy variations of everyone’s favourite denim staples. Check out how these celebs show the way…
The next time you get your jeans stained with paint, don’t freak out! You can revive them as painted jeans, like Jessica Alba’s pair, which will appeal to your artsy side. If you have kids around the house, get them to do this job for you! It will cost you only an old pair of jeans, some paint bottles and brushes.
Who doesn’t want to look good at a party, yet stay comfortable? This can be done by wearing jeans instead of dresses. Christina Milian’s sequinned jeans will get you ready for your night outing without sacrificing your glam and bling quotient.STRIPED JEANS
A play on ripped jeans, this variation has zips on the knees that add an innovative look to your denims. And if you still want to bare your knees in style, you can unzip them whenever you wish! Better yet, these jeans can be teamed with rips and zips, a la Kendall
Miley Cyrus skips the usual single shade of blue and opts for a pair of jeans in two different shades. While it’s not flashy, it’s certainly a cool way to sport your denims the next time you step out. Like any pair of jeans, they can be paired with tees, hoodies and tops.