Blackberry was used to be an ultimate industry pioneer with its trademark QWERTY console. The success of this German-based tech conglomerate dates back few years when owning a BlackBerry mobile assumed to be a symbol of high status and prosperity. With the launch of its signature QWERTY keyboard, Blackberry quickly turned out to be the darling of business honchos and the well-heeled individuals.
But, after few years, the company started facing drop down in the sales due to poor management. But do you know how did a leading and world-shattering tech company get darkened so deficiently? Have a look:
A tour from winner to loser
No doubt, the only strength of this German-based company was its local BlackBerry OS based QWERTY handset which was renowned for featuring the specs for burglary or hack encryption. This is the only element that has made the handsets of Blackberry the first choice for top business pioneers and politicians. However, the development of Android-based operating System and iOS pushed the OS of Blackberry back to its initiate stage. Currently, BlackBerry is covering the headlines for its latest Android smartphone called – Blackberry DTEK50 and the BlackBerry Priv hit the market around a year back. However, the boosting demands for Android and iOS operating systems have truly hard-pressed BlackBerry to a dark angle, indicating the management group of the company to try something exceptional and impressive to get back on the track.
In 2007, when Apple launched its first touchscreen smartphone, the stock prices of Blackberry were standing at $236 in the international market. While the first touchscreen edition of Apple became an instant hit due to lack of competition, Blackberry simply mistreated it, and this was the starting point of the downfall of Blackberry. By 2012, the company already has started facing downfall in share market. By November 2012, Blackberry recorded to face 7.3% drop in market value in the US market and drove the company to meet the worst condition of suffering 80% share drop in 2011. This loses kept on driving more mislay further including the loss of $84 million in the second quarter of 2013 and then to the poorest condition.

The tiny ray of growing starts with the launch of BlackBerry 10 which is also known as BB10 punched the marketplace. BlackBerry 10 OS was originally developed by QNX, which BlackBerry acquired in April 2010 and published the OS renaming it with its own trademark. After launching Blackberry 10, the CEO of Blackberry, Thorsten Heins, assured to the marketers that the end of 2012 would wage new smartphones of Blackberry with the encompassment of BB10. But till the second quarter of 2013, no device was spotted to walk on the ramp of the tech world. Then again, the company changed its launch timeline and, in January 2013, launched the new smartphone Z10 along with the all-touch BlackBerry Z10 and QWERTY-based Q10. Along with Z10, the total number of Blackberry phones running on Blackberry 10 Operating System is 10. Now the company has upgraded the OS Blackberry 10 with the new version called v10.3.2 and has empowered the models like the Leap and Classic with the new version of OS.