An actress who played a prostitute in Game of Thrones is actually a real-life hooker who charges up to £900 for her services, it has been revealed.

Saeeda Vorajee, 41, starred in the first two series of the hit show as a prostitute called Armeca where she took part in a controversial lesbian sex scene and acted alongside Jerome Flynn.

However she is also a £40-a-go real-life escort and offers her services online under the name of Sahara Knite.

A Sun on Sunday investigation also found that she offers sex for cash and visits clients in hotels.

One of the paper’s reporters visited her at her home in Strood, Kent, where she offered a massage and sex act for £65 – or full sex for £900.

She claimed charging so much ‘keeps away the riff-raff’.

She told the journalist: ‘People save up for it.

‘Other girls charge a lot less but they have to work a lot harder.

‘Plus I work from home and you’ve got to be discreet about certain things.’

Saeeda, who is Muslim, admitted she has picked up a lot of fans from Game of Thrones but said she never gets recognised in the street.

After she ordered the journalist to take off his clothes, he made his excuses and left.

Saeeda has been disowned by her family and advertises herself as a ‘porn star, masseuse, mistress and session wrestler’ .