Most people want to do so in jobs so that they can live life Lgjriys. But this does not happen in all jobs. Indeed, some jobs are among Dirty Jobs. A similar 40-year resident of North East jobs are Premraj slaves. Premraj security guard by profession toilet. Inside the toilet to eat only the food …
In New Delhi, the toilet cleaner and security guard who worked as Premraj salary for this job as just Rs 7 meet. In return, they have to protect the 24-hour restroom. Responsible for cleaning the toilet is above them. So, it’s been great for them to toilet. They prepare the food inside the restroom and eat at night in the sleep.
Loving father of 3 children
Premraj’s family lives in the northeast. Their 3 children. So they send home most of their salary. Premraj say my responsibility to clean the toilet and it is to be maintained. I am playing for the last 3 years this responsibility. I have no problem in staying here. I prepare the food for themselves within the toilet to eat and go to sleep at night by laying blankets. They say I’m lucky that day about 400 new people to meet and talk to them, there is a chance. However, I am left all alone after 9 pm. I can not talk to anyone, even those left behind.
Love said, I believe it is very dirty job, but because I get paid every month. My family members also know that toilet security guard said. My wife and children understand the importance of this job. However, I tried to find work in many places, but did not find any other job. So, I will continue this work even further.