Have you ever heard of the frog’s poison which killed 10 people in just 3 minutes can be? Please tell the Golden Poison Dart If you have not heard of the frog species is such a dangerous creature. It’s only 2 inches 2 drops poison frog could anyone falls dead. Scientists involved in the world’s most poisonous creatures. How to recognize the frog …
They are bright yellow and the first sign of their identity. The color may be green as well as orange and pale, which Kolnbian areas of the rain forest are found in the Pacific Coast. Carolina University, in a study found that the more she is as bright as the color of the frog is poisonous.
They also had to hunt USE
Columbia used the poison of this frog hunter hunting weapon used in the making. They are so dangerous that they hold without Glbs means courting death in a few seconds is like. Anticipating any kind of fear when they start extracting poison from their skin. The poison dangerous to ruin anybody’s nervous system is strong enough. The effects of poisoning climbs, your pulse starts shrinking and suffering from muscle control is lost and in the end it leads to death from heart attack.
Scientist surprise …
Scientists so far have failed to resolve the mystery of the poison frogs, they believe that their Genesis 4-a-half million years ago, was in the northern part of South America. Then their ancestors were not toxic, then the frogs of this species in the forest when Chitian, insect and other poisonous things started eating it then moved to become toxic.
Children get poisoned by mother

Studies at the University of Ohio in 2014, scientists found that these Carole children poisoned frogs get their mother to these children are Anfrtilaij eggs.