Four people died yesterday as a petty issue resulted in the deaths of two brothers. The wife and child of one of the brothers was also killed in the conflict.  According to details, the conflict took place in Nowshera’s Pabbi Chowk Darba area where a fight among children turned bloody when it resulted into a clash between two brothers. Bullets were fired at each other which resulted in the death of both brothers and the wife as well as child of one of the brothers.

15-year old injured Umair recorded his statement with the police. According to Umair, a paltry fight had taken place over a petty issue between him and his paternal uncle’s child. According to Umair, his father Sardar Ali took along his wife and children to his brother Raham Daad’s house in order to complain to his brother about the issue.

In response, Raham Daad and his son Junaid opened fire on Sardar Ali and his family, to which the latter also responded with gunfire. According to Umair, In the ensuing fire, Umair’s father Sardar Ali, mother Jahan Taja, brother Zubair and uncle Raham Daad died on the spot whereas he himself was critically injured.

In light of Umair’s statement, police have registered two cases regarding the matter, as further investigations are  being carried out. All dead bodies have been handed over to their relatives. Police are on the hunt for Raham Daad’s son Junaid.