The Muttahida Qaumi Movement London on Friday reacted to estranged party MP Irum Farooque’s statement calling founder Ataf Hussain’s audio message demanding parliamentarians’ resignation as ‘fake’.

MQM London leader Wasay Jalil took to Twitter and said that the audio message of the party founder was 100 percent genuine. He also accused some people of propagating false news.

“Feel shame on that day when a video message will come,” he said, seemingly addressing the ones who questioned the authenticity of the audio message.

MQM London leader Qasim Ali Raza spoke to Geo News and said that the audio message was from the party founder and was original.

“The horn’s sound was of a trumpet, coming from a marriage hall next to the house,” said Ali Raza.

He said that honking a horn is considered unpleasant in London, but it is still heard.

Raza said that several MQM members have contacted convener in London, Nadeem Nusrat. He was referring to reports that, despite the MQM founder’s message to parliamentarians to resign, only one had issued his resignation.

In a tweet today, MQM London’s Mustafa Azizabadi shared an audio message by the MQM Founder where he is asking parliamentarians in Pakistan to send in their resignations.

Today, MQM parliamentarian Irum Azeem Farooque who had earlier announced her resignation from the party in the Sindh Assembly claimed that an audio message by the MQM Founder circulating on social media is fake.

In a tweet last night she said that those who have heard the MQM Founder in a live message know that it is not his original voice. She said that one can hear horns blaring in the background even though honking is a crime in London. “Please don’t make me laugh so much, Azizabadi,” she said referring to Mustafa Azizabadi