In our country, a place where many people are too afraid to set foot. 7 One of the girls screams fort today is a witness. Than 150 years, people are listening to the screams of the girls. The painting is made up of 7 girls at the door of the fort. Here’s why this is resonating 7 girls’ voices in the deserted fort.
Mardan Singh of Lalitpur Talbeht fort was built in 1850. Raja Rani in Mardan Singh sided with the revolution of 1857. He is remembered today as Krantiveer. Talbeht Mardan Singh’s fort was built for his father Prahlad Singh.
According to the historians of the 7 girls king Akshay Tritiya Talbeht Mardan Singh’s fort were asked Ng. The king’s father Prahlad were alone in the fort.
His intention, he saw the beauty of the girls broke down and made seven girls raped her. Girls by this incident had jumped to death from the castle turret.
Says Talbeht fort still hears the voices of the seven girls. The incident took place on the day of Akshaya Tritiya, so this festival is celebrated here today. Mardan Singh were hurt by the conduct of his father King Prahlad. To repent of his father’s handiwork King Mardan Singh as a tribute to the girls at the main gate of the fort was built seven girls picture, which still exist today.