New reports have surfaced claiming that Formula One racer Michael Schumacher is recovering despite no known details about his progress regarding his health has been released by his family. Other reports are claiming that his family has sold some of his things and properties in order to pay for his medical bills. reported that Schumacher’s progress is limited since his 2013 accident when he hit his head while skiing. According to the reports, Michael Schumacher is still lying in bed despite being out of coma as he cannot move and speak. He is said to communicate only via his eyes and that he reportedly sometimes cries.How Does Michael Schumacher’s Family pay for Medical Expenses? Despite amassing a lot of money from being a Formula One legend, Michael Schumacher’s wealth might have slowly depleted since his accident and many are asking how his family is able to pay for the expenses. New reports have surfaced saying that the family of Schumacher has once again sold a cherished possession, which is the 1998 Mercedes E55 AMG.The car of the legendary Formula One Racer is said to be two decades old and is sought after by many enthusiasts since it was used by Michael Schumacher himself. It reportedly fetched a lot of money that the family could use to pay their medical bills. The car has also used up 123,000 miles so it is possible that it will be displayed as a collector’s item for the person who bought it.This is not the first reported property owned by Michael Schumacher sold by his wife Corinna. Accordingly, she has already sold his vacation house and jet as she believes she will no longer be able to use it.Is There Really Progress on Michael Schumacher’s Health?