Mr Abbott surprised motorists travelling along the Wakehurst Parkway this afternoon, on Sydney’s northern beaches, by helping push a car that had broken down as other cars sped past. Sydney man John told Ben Fordham on 2GB he recognised “good old Tony” at once.

“It appeared there had been an accident or broken down car … and eventually we got passed, because the traffic was very heavy, and who should be helping push the broken down car off the road but good old Tony Abbott. What do you think about that?”

Fordham asked him if he was sure it was “the former Prime Minister” and John replied he was positive.

“Good old Tony, if I was in the trenches that’s who I would want beside me.”

John said his wife Noeline could see Mr Abbott had come out of a car with flashing lights, possibly a vehicle connected to the volunteer fire brigade he belongs to.

“He actually did a U turn and parked behind it for safety and [then] helped push the car off the road.”
John said there was one other person helping push the car off the road.

Fordham asked if he was “suited up” or if he had the fire gear on, or Lycra, but John said he had a suit and jacket on.
“Dress up clothes,” John said.
Fordham told listeners he asked Mr Abbott if the story was true and he replied: “Yep.”
Yesterday, Mr Abbott surprised commuters in Manly, in his Warringah electorate, by handing out flyers as the federal election got under way.
Mr Abbott greeted people at the ferry terminal with just a few Liberal Party volunteers — a far cry from when he began the election campaign three years ago as opposition leader or a few months ago, or even this time last year when he was still prime minister.
“It’s good to be at Manly Wharf on day 1 of the Federal Election campaign,” Mr Abbott said in social media posts.