Many people in the world, in the name of the perfect body they go to any extent. Fox Pixie has such a model resident of Sweden. Cartoon-like character has undergone several surgeries in the affair so far. Pixie currently lives in North Carolina recently held in Delhi, so the operation of your eyes so that their eyes Green looks like a cartoon character. Plastic models of themselves, says …

Pixie herself says plastic surgery model and Instagram are quite active. He had blue eyes of my childhood, but I liked many different eye color. The color of my eyes change through operation in the project. Recently they visited India. The spectra of the Delhi Eye Hospital doctors operated on his eyes to the sun Munjal. An eye operation took 15 minutes, after which his eyes began to appear green. Please tell the dr. Munjal by Pixie eye surgery is permanent.

Has already undergone several surgeries

Pixie wanted to look like cartoon characters, so many hospitals for surgery, he was in Sweden, but not options. So, they went to America, where he had surgery on. Perfect for figure and beauty of all plastic surgery procedures went through here. A few months earlier, he had removed the ribs 6 to get slim waist. Also he is a butt transplant surgery, two eyelid surgery, nose surgery have conducted 3 and 4 of Brest.