The Mustang is not a car; it’s an experience. Those angry headlights, that sunken grille; those flanks, that bonnet; those large tyres, that sloping roof. It’s an experience that is long in hood, short in boot and monstrous in performance. An experience that truly begins as you sink into its snug seats and press the start button. An experience that’s now available at a Ford showroom near you.The Mustang is also an icon. Since it first went on sale in 1964, Ford has sold more than 9 million units of the car. It has made thousands of appearances in films, television, music and video games. It is also the world’s most-liked vehicle on Facebook.Sporting a clean-sheet design—refers to a design language that is not modelled on anything currently in existence—the Ford Mustang launched in India features 19-inch wheels, automatic high-intensity discharge headlamps, LED tail-lamps, rear diffuser, dual-zone climate control, nine-speaker sound system, and voice-enabled SYNC 2 connectivity with an eight-inch colour touchscreen as standard equipment. There are six colours to choose from—black, white, silver, yellow, grey and red.The signature shark-bite front fascia and the trapezoidal grille with the galloping pony logo add to its affable personality and all-American good looks.The cabin is cockpit-inspired. The colour touchscreen puts vehicle information right in front of the driver. The front seats are power-adjustable and leather-trimmed; both seats have heating and cooling functions. However, while there is a high degree of craftsmanship, the interiors are not as refined as you would find in a Mercedes-Benz or an Audi or a BMW.The Mustang is a coupé—two doors, but four seats. You have to slide the front seats forward to enter the rear seating area, which, as expected, is cramped. However, rear seats are comfortable for kids or short adults—there is very little headroom, but decent shoulder and hip room for rear passengers. The boot—it looks small compared to the overall size of the vehicle—can accommodate two golf bags or similar-sized luggage.The 4951cc, V8, petrol engine delivers a peak power of 401PS and a torque of 515Nm. It’s powerful enough to propel the 1,770kg car from 0-100kph in just 4.8 seconds, before hitting a top speed of 250kph. On paper, these figures are slightly lesser than, say, some of the Mercedes-Benz AMG series or the Audi RS series cars. But cars are driven on roads, not on paper.With fully independent front and rear suspension systems, the Mustang is as nimble and as spirited as any sportscar or the above-mentioned (and more expensive) high-performance cars.The engine produces a baritone rumble at idle and a throaty growl when you press the accelerator. If you press the accelerator fully, in under a second, you get pushed back into the seat as the car shoots ahead. The acceleration is so intense that you feel everything around you is being fast-forwarded. The Select Shift six-speed automatic transmission shift gears at just the right speed to extract the maximum performance from the engine.The Mustang is not only about straight-line performance, it’s quite enjoyable to drive on the twisties too, thanks to its communicative steering and rear-wheel drive.There are four driving modes: Normal (balance of comfort and responsive handling); Sport+ (increased throttle response); Track (produces more engine sound and provides a performance driving experience); and Snow/Wet (provides a connected-to-the-road feel).For hardcore enthusiasts, the Mustang comes equipped with an electronic line-lock—it automatically locks the front brakes and releases the rear brakes, so you can spin and heat up the rear tyres like a true drag racer to help the car launch.There are ample safety features. There are eight airbags (including the unique glovebox knee airbag for front passenger), additional crash sensors located on the front, sides and centre of the car to control the deployment of airbags, and safety belt pre-tensioners that tighten the belt around front seat occupants, keeping them in a more secure spot early in the event of a crash. All four disc brakes help stop the car quickly, with a linear pedal feel.For Rs 65 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), the Mustang is a more value-for-money car than the high-performance editions from Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW (AMG, S/RS and M, respectively), which cost close to or upwards of Rs 1 crore.But the real perk about driving a Mustang is, well, you get to tell people you drive a Mustang. After all, the Mustang is not a car; it’s the American dream which you can live in India.Specifications Engine 4951cc, V8Fuel Petrol,Power 401PS,Torque 515Nm,0-100kph 4.8 seconds,Top speed 250kph,Weight 1,770 kg,Boot space 383 litres,Ground clearance 137mm,Fuel tank 60.9 litres,Drivetrain Rear wheel,Price R65 lakh