Nowadays we can notice that a lot of people complain about foot arch pain and are endlessly visiting doctors. The arch pain that is accompanied by it’s own set of symptoms doesn’t hurt initially but as time passes by, there is burning pain in the arch of foot. If you are a victim of burning pain in the arch of the foot and are tired of strong arch pain in the foot, then you’ve landed up in the right place! We will help you get rid of the arch pain in your foot by telling you the causes of foot arch pain and later describing some effective treatments that will help you part ways with arch pain in the foot. Read on!

Before we go on to explaining about the causes and treatments we have answered some frequently asked questions about foot arch pain that might educate you. Let’s get started!

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Arch pain is basically the word that is broadly used to describe the pain in tendons, ligaments, nerves, bones or muscles in the bottom part of your foot. It is also referred to as the plantar pain in medical terms. This is not a disease nor a disorder but a common problem that occurs in many people due to various reasons. So you don’t have to panic if you have foot arch pain! It is a common problem and there are ways to treat it effectively.

How Long does Arch Pain Last?

The duration of arch pain depends on and varies from one individual to another. Arch pain might last only for a very short period of time sometimes. But the thing to note here is it can cause some worst effects if not attended to! So you need to take treatment the moment you realize that you have arch pain.

Who does It Occur in Usually?

Arch pain in foot usually occurs in the people who are aged between 30 to 75. That’s just a general observation, though. Many young athletes are also affected by foot arch pain especially the ones who practice sports regularly and who take part in high energetic sports like athletes, long jump, high jump etc.

That was a list of 3 FAQs about foot arch pain. It may be worth noting that the foot arch pain can be easily treated in the initial stages. So it becomes very important that you are aware of all the symptoms of foot arch pain so that you can immediately rush to your doctor if you find the symptoms. I have listed some commonly noticed symptoms you need to know so that you can take required action.

Symptoms of Foot Arch Pain that You Need to Know

  • Burning sensation in your foot when you are walking or running on a rough surface.
  • Noticeable red patches near the foot area.
  • Sharp and strong pain that is increasing by the day in the toe region.
  • Extreme heat around the toes and the entire foot.
  • Discomfort while you stand on your tiptoes.
  • Experiencing numbness in the toe region.
  • Pain that you might experience when you’ve walked for long hours. ( Not the normal pain that comes with tiredness but acute pain in the foot region)
  • Tingling sensation in the toe region.
  • Pain that occurs every time you exert more pressure or put more weight on your toes.
  • Frequently occurring burning sensation in the arch region.

Causes of Foot Arch Pain

We all are aware that the arches of feet comprise of the principle framework of structure of the foot. The function of the arches is to absorb and revert to the force that exists between the ground and our bodies. It also supports all the bodily movements helping in locomotion. What causes pain in the arch of the foot is the intense pressure on the foot and elongated periods of standing or walking or running. Let us peep into some common causes of foot arch pain for more precision!

1. Inflammatory Arthritis

This is a condition when you are experiencing some or little pain in the arch of your foot regularly. The pain is not really acute and you would probably just confuse this to a normal pain caused by tiredness. This occurs when there is a significant amount of stress on the foot region. When you are continuously exerting pressure on the foot region for long extended periods, you are most likely to develop arch pain in your foot soon. This is caused by intense sports practice or long distance jogging for extended period or even simply standing on feet for all day long in a normal workplace environment.

2. Plantar Fasciitis

This is the most common cause of arch pain in foot. This is a condition that involves inflammation in the connective tissue that flows along the arch of foot which is known as plantar fascia. The cause for this condition to occur is again the extended periods of time in which you are putting a lot of pressure on the foot. Other intense sports activities like high jump, long jump, athletics etc leads to this condition. If this is ignored you will soon notice burning sensation in your foot and you would have to rush to your doctor immediately.