If you are thinking of traveling in the budget we are going to tell you about the 10 countries where the will not empty your pockets. Low budget you can come walk in these countries. If you go here, worried about the expense that goes into the food, you will be surprised to know that these countries will be able to dine at Rs 60-70. Dinner will be in this beautiful country for Rs 67 …

It is a beautiful country. Here you can view multiple island. This country is made up of big and small island. It is famous among. Here are some of the world’s most beautiful beach. If you want to celebrate your holidays with natural beauty so perfect destination for you to Indonesia. The food and stay in budget. In Indonesia, only 67 rupees you can have dinner. Approximately 250. In the hotel can book.

Thailand is much cheaper as well as being beautiful. Money can be saved by going here. Stop here, the putter is the perfect budget. Here you will find a room to stay at around 250 rupees.
Here you can dine well at 200 rupees.
Walking is the best part of China that is very cheap here. From place to place, the budget will not increase. Not only that, here you can book a taxi at 67 Rs. The hotel rooms can be booked at Rs 300 and Rs 150 in the food can be eaten.