Floyd Mayweather, the famous American former professional boxer is known for his humongous wealth and lavish lifestyle. Having never shied away from flaunting his vast fortune to the public, the boxer took it to a whole new level recently.
The world champion boxer recently uploaded a picture of himself on his Instagram account seen alongside a table covered with money. Estimated to be almost $1 Million in cash, the 39-year-old also uploaded a video reminding everyone of his excessive wealth.
And no, Floyd flaunting his millions of Dollars doesn’t end here. This video was taken while the former was in the city of Las Vegas to attend a recently held concert. Joining Lil Kim on stage at a ‘Bad Boy’ records reunion, Mayweather generously threw $100 bills to the crowd. Yes, you that right!
The fans at the concert got really lucky over the weekend as Mayweather decided to throw out some of the cash seen earlier on his social account summing upto $1 Million for free.
Rapping out the tunes of ‘Get Money’ turned into the fans literally getting their hands on huge amounts of money. Well, when it’s Vegas, such things are bound to happen, right?!Floyd Mayweather was recently in Las Vegas to attend the ‘Bad Boys’ reunion concert this weekend.