In the middle of rescue sorties for those marooned by floods in Bihar, a group of disaster force soldiers helped deliver a baby on a boat.

A team of the National Disaster Response Force or NDRF was at a flooded village in Vaishali district, around 65 km from Patna, when the soldiers heard the cries of a woman, Saroj Patel, in labour pain.

The soldiers googled the nearest hospital and set off with the woman on a boat but she gave birth to a baby boy on the way.

The hospital had been alerted, so a contingent of health staff was ready with an ambulance.

A similar birth was reported in Patna, where disaster personnel helped deliver a baby girl.

The NDRF says its force is being trained in emergency deliveries. In Ara district last year, the officer said, a family named a baby boy born on a boat during floods “NDRF Singh” out of gratitude.

Large parts of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are flooded because of heavy rain. Earlier this week, a woman in Uttar Pradesh gave birth to a baby on a rescue boat.