The world seems to come to a crashing halt when your head feels like it’s about to implode – try these migraine remedies.

1. Surgery
While this may be a drastic form of treatment, surgery in a bid to relieve patients from migraines has proven to be very successful. Dr Elliot Shevel, a pioneer in migraine surgery, says that “the procedure cauterises superficial scalp vessels that have long been identified as a root cause of migraine pain. The surgery provides a safe and permanent solution for millions of sufferers”.

2. Retreat to a dark and quiet room
This may not be a solution to your pounding head, but it can certainly help remedy your it by combating your sensitivity to light and loud noise.

3. Watch what you eat and drink
MSG flavouring and artificial sweeteners can trigger a migraine. Red and white wine can also aggravate your condition because of their sulphates and preservatives, so avoid them at all costs if you’re prone to migraines. Cutting back on caffeine can also do wonders!

4. Pop a pill
There are many over-the-counter drugs that can combat a pesky migraine. Keep an eye out for pills that contain ibuprofen or aspirin. Follow the dosage instructions carefully, but don’t become dependent on this type of medication as it may cause stomach and kidney problems in the long run.

5. Acupuncture
It may be controversial to think that more pain will take away your current pain, but acupuncture has been known to assist in the alleviation of migraines. It is, however, not proven to be a long-term cure.

If you suffer from chronic migraines on a regular basis, consult your healthcare practitioner about a more immediate cure.