Indian-American Sikh military officer, Simratpal Singh, has been granted permission to serve with long hair, beard and a turban in accordance of the Sikh faith.

The U.S. Military’s decision makes Simratpal the first active-duty combat soldier in decades to be permitted to wear a turban and beard.

The need for uniformity and strict safety standards has been ruled out to end the protracted battle that pitted individual religious freedom rights.

The move will make it easier for Muslims, Sikhs, Jews, Wiccans and others to follow the tenets of their faith while serving in the U.S. military.

“My two worlds are once again… I can fully serve my country exactly the way I want to and still be a full Sikh the way I want to be,” Simratpal was quoted as saying.

Earlier, Simratpal filed suit against the U.S. military after being ordered to undergo “extraordinary, targeted, repetitive testing” before receiving permanent permission to wear a beard and long hair for his religion.