There are many place around the world, which is about the surprise. Somewhere off to the mountains, trains climb itself starts, the light is emanating from somewhere deep within the well. One such place is a waterfall located in New York Chestnut Ridge County Park, which is called Eternal Flame Falls. What is the USP of this waterfall
The USP of this waterfall is a year-round water flows underneath the flame burns continuously. Locals believe the Divine miracle. There are also many legends about it. According to some, this flame extinguished at that time, when such a disaster would have on earth Mahaprly. The waterfalls here to see the influx of tourists and devotees stays put.
So what is the truth?
The internal flame constantly burning flame about from time to time scientists have researched. The latest research by scientists at the University of Indiana, which is considered the most accurate. During this research, the scientists discovered that the mountain waterfall flows through it, the methane gas emanating from under the rocks. It is believed that at the beginning of the 20th century, nobody here will set the fire, which is burning continuously. Kangra in Himachal Pradesh in India a major power in the back of the mother goddess in the temple of volcanic natural blaze is burning continuously since ancient times. Scientists, too, are unanimous on this principle.