Dates are always fun, especially the summer dates that are a lot more special. The long days and pleasant nights give lovers an opportunity to indulge in some creative and adventurous activities that can certainly make their date a lot more interesting and romantic. To help you with your summer dates, we have prepared a list of some ultimate summer date ideas that will fill your date with extra fun and romance.

Dining al fresco

Dining under a star lit sky is one of the most romantic and fun ideas for a successful summer date. The whole ambience is so romantic that you need not put that extra effort to make your date romantic and joyous. You can spend hours sitting outside and talking about each other. You can choose a nice restaurant for this or you can plan your own al fresco dining at a nice place you know like a riverside, a garden, or some point at the outskirts from where you can have a nice view of the city. Just pack eatables, drinks, and anything else you want, and you are ready for your own summer dining al fresco.

A vineyard date

A truly fun filled summer date idea is to take your girlfriend to a vineyard or a winery and taste the latest and the unique wines. It is not just adventurous but cheap too, as most wineries offer free wines to taste. If you like the taste, you can buy some and even gift each other. You can sit in the vineyards and enjoy the ultimate landscape and the setting, which is too romantic.

Take her to the beach

If the weather is pleasant, hit the romantic beaches with your partner where you can indulge in a variety of activities. Lie on the sands if your lazy side is overpowering you, or else you could play tennis, wiffle ball, Frisbee, or take dips together. Carry along some food items and cold beer if you want to pep up your date.

A boat ride

A boat ride can be a perfect summer date idea. The entire setting is so romantic and if you want to add a dash of fun, you can carry along some fishing rods and baits to do fishing. Carrying along cold beer is also a good idea, as it will help you fight the hot weather. Other water sports like scuba diving will certainly add fun to your date but you need a guide along, as it can be dangerous to do it all by yourself.

Adventure Park

If your girl is of adventurous type then an adventure park can be a too good option to impress her and make her happy. Try to choose a park that has amazing water adventure facilities available, as it will be a very good option to fight the hot summer days.