Achilleos Neophytou, 66, and his son Stefanos Neophytou, 25, ran Birmingham’s Libra Club, which attracted up to 200 clients per day. The pair, who had admitted keeping a brothel used for prostitution, were each jailed for 27 months.

Club manager Martin Tierney was given a suspended 10-month jail term. Three women were handed community orders.

All six defendants had previously pleaded guilty at Birmingham Crown Court to offences committed between 1 January 2010 and 1 February 2015.

‘Conveyer belt of prostitution’

Judge Richard Bond said Achilleos Neophytou was the “controlling mind” of the club, which was advertised as a “massage parlour”.

He said officers who raided the property in February 2015 found there was “not a massage table in sight”.

Instead, they discovered a “highly-organised conveyer-belt of prostitution”, where sex workers had been taken advantage of.

“Women don’t ordinarily choose to become prostitutes,” he told the court.

Neophytou and his son were told they would serve half of their sentence in prison and the remainder on licence.

Cyprus-born Achilleos Neophytou previously ran a chain of chain of fish and chip shops in Wolverhampton before turning to the sex trade.

His son Stefanos grew up in the brothel business and became the club’s day-to-day boss, the court heard.

Clients paid £65 for 30 minutes with a sex worker who kept £40 of the fee, the prosecution said. The club made at least £25 from each transaction, as well as charging a £10 entrance fee.

The prosecution estimated the brothel’s turnover was £1.7m a year and raised some £8m over five years.

400 Viagra pills

Tierney ran the club and took publicity shots, the court heard. The 50-year-old, of Sheffield Road, Sutton Coldfield, received a sentence suspended for two years.

“Madams” Anita O’Donnell and Marilyn Egan, both 55, were given 12-month community orders.

The latter collected the club’s money and officers found £28,000 in cash and 400 Viagra pills at her home, the court heard.

The pair, of Slade Lane in Hall Green, and Elmwood Court, Edgbaston, were also given electronic tag curfews.

Club receptionist Ogun Olufunlola, 30, of Roseby Street, Springhill, was handed a 12-month community order.