US state of Texas Austin resident Vera Ileana dance about on social networking sites these days are getting very popular. 30 years of ballet dancing Ileana makeup artist by profession and name your photos and videos on social media uploads to shake Frostin .17 Why was forced to dance at the age of …
Ileana has been dancing since the age of 6, but at the age of 17 to be thin, he had left the dance. Indeed, during which his weight began to grow significantly. As their instructor, began to focus less on them. Obesity, said Ileana lived in stress enough and decided to leave the dance.
Ileana said when I started again to dance ballet, and dance with my ballet teacher, who had become a friend. So, I started to learn dance from him. I had no trouble to teach them dance. Gradually my Pose, hands and other movements to focus on Barikiyon started, that I felt myself Elegant and strong. Moreover, the dance because I learned to love the body itself.
Please tell Ileana Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others are active on social networking sites, where thousands of people they are followed. Upload your photos and videos to these sites, they are dancing, the people are really like. It also runs its own website