Following a fad in order to fit in with your peers is not new. But many a times people do not realise that some fashion trends that might end up being harmful. Dr Amit Saraswat, a physiotherapist lists down some common fashion trends that is harming us slowly.
Wavering on high heels, squeezing leg muscles into skinny jeans, fitting your body through slimming underwear, carrying huge and heavy purses as a fashion statement can definitely make you a style diva but it can also create painful maladies that may lead to chronic health problems over time.

If you feel tightened when you take a seat, those thin pants are too tight. Tight jeans which you wear can put undesirable weight on crucial spinal nerves. Research shows that tight pants can clasp down the horizontal femoral nerve, prompting a tingly, numb feeling known as meralgia paresthetica pressure. To maintain a strategic distance from this, attempt to buy mid rise, marginally stretchy jeans that don’t place an excessive amount of weight on the stomach area. Likewise, Opt for pants produced using for the most part breathable materials such as cotton or cloth to maintain a strategic distance from yeast and contagious contaminants.


High heels may give you a slimmer, taller and glamorous look but at the same time it cause excess pressure on the front of your foot as your weight shifts from your heel to the toes and your feet. The higher the heel the greater the risk of stress is to the knee. It is okay to wear high heels on occasion, just try to avoid wearing them every day.

 At a young generation, all want to look slim and toned in any fashionable. Depending on the fit and how often you wear them, shapewear pieces can cause some health issues. Shapewear presses on your stomach, so the acid can come up into the esophagus and cause reflux and heartburn. Avoid too tight fit wear to get a stress free muscles and bones. If its unavoidable opt for the shapewear which seem to be more comfortable and should be of good brand.