An extremely agitated Farooq Abdullah said today that all he is concerned about is peace in Kashmir and that he has no interest in discussing the state government or the Uri attack of last month.
The former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister earlier called an all-party meeting of opposition parties to discuss the situation in the Valley, where normal life has been crippled for more than three months, since security forces killed Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist Burhan Wani.
At a media briefing, when he was asked questions about the J&K government and the Uri attack, a furious Abdullah waved those queries away.
“I’m not here to discuss the government …I don’t have anything to do with Uri…I’m here to find a way forward,” he said.
And when someone asked whether he wasn’t interested in the sacrifice of Indian soldiers, the National Conference leader went ballistic.
“We have never said we forget the sacrifice of soldiers. Are you their agent, asking such questions?” he said, referring to Pakistan. Abdullah stressed that he’s looking for a way for peace in Jammu and Kashmir, because while one can change friends, one can’t change neighbours – one is stuck with them.
“That’s why India and Pakistan must sit down and resolve the issues. Terrorism increases when there is a strain in ties between two nations. Dialogue can solve everything,” he said. Abdullah also criticized what he called the short-term agenda of political parties just looking to score in Assembly elections.
“If we run the country on assembly elections’ results, the country won’t run. We need policies for the future of the nation, not temporary solutions because elections are here or elections are there,” he fulminated.