Under the banner of the BKU (Dakonda), a large number of farmers today started a five-day debt-waiver “morcha” in front of the Deputy Commissioner’s office here. The protest aims at compelling the state government to form a pro-farmer Debt Relief Act to write off debt of farmers and labourers and release loans without interest to the farming community.State president of the BKU (Dakonda) Buta Singh Burjgill said they would continue their protest in a phased manner till the government writes off debt of farmers and labourers. He alleged farmers were under debt due to the anti-farmer policies of governments under the pressure of the multi-national companies. He said the green revolution had made moneylenders, arhtiyas and multinational companies prosperous and rich but it had pushed farmers and labourers towards bankruptcy. He said, “This is the reason why out of 11 lakh farmer families, about two lakh families have already given up farming.”Senior vice president of the BKU (Dakonda) Manjit Singh Dhaner asked farmers to come to the dharna site here with all documents and proof related to their debt — from May 16 to May 20, the first phase of the protest. He said their agitation would continue till their demands are accepted. These include the writing off of loans of farmers taken from banks, moneylenders or arhtiyas; cancellation of possession of warrants of lands, scrapping of the arhtiya system, loans to farmers and labourers without interest, enactment of pro-farmer Debt Waiver Relief Act and a compensation of Rs 5 lakh and a job to every farmer family, whose debt-ridden member had committed suicide.Farmers up in arms against BSFAmritsar: Farmers of Kakkar village in the Ajanala subdivision staged a protest against the Border Security Force (BSF) for not allowing a farmer to bring trees cut from his own fields situated across the barbed fence on the India-Pakistan border. Farmer Lakha Singh said he had taken prior permission from local BSF officials before cutting the trees in his fields located beyond the barbed fence. He alleged that when he tried to transport the tree logs yesterday, he was abused and stopped by BSF men on duty. Later, the villagers held a protest against the BSF around 5pm on Sunday which ended around 3 pm on Monday after BSF officials allowed the farmer to bring back the tree logs and assured that such a problem would not arise in future. Dr Satnam Singh Ajnala of the Jamhoori Kisan Sahba alleged, “Farmers are often subjected to hardships because of high-handedness of BSF officials.”