Shivanna, a farmer in his 60s, allegedly committed suicide on Sunday in Ramanagara district, around 90 km from Bengaluru.


In a dying declaration of sorts, through a mobile footage recorded by his relative, he has blamed Karnataka DGP’s son Karthikesh, and 3 other police officers for allegedly driving him to take this extreme step. “They have harassed me.  None of my complaints have been taken seriously. They have assumed my family and even stripped my wife.  Yet no action against them,” he has said in the video.


Shivanna was involved in a land dispute with his brother Lokesh, who is apparently  a close friend of the DGP’s son.  Shivanna has claimed that Lokesh used his connection with Karthikesh to his favour and hence Shivanna’s complaints at the police station were allegedly ignored. While the video has been doing the rounds, there has been no legal step taken to investigate this further.