New Guinea: Life and features easy, given the people of the village come to town. But here is a family, then the village is remote, simple life, has gone live on the island of New Guinea. 34-year-old Jessica and 33-year-old John, George Michael, his children Lucy, Matty and have lived here for the past 5 years with Mia. Why Tribes lived among …

Indeed, 12 years ago the couple as missionaries to work among tribals came. But they liked the life here so that five years ago he arrived to settle here with his whole family. Jessica says that the more simple and happy life, I think. I am also prepare food she grows close to home here. The tribals are already meeting the family. These and other works closely with us to assist in cooking.
When educated people
Jessica and Michael are also educating its people. Michael says that we live here with each other are, in the life of the city is difficult. The people do not love each other much.