A photographer living in the North American country, Cuba has captured people’s life. Carolina Sondretto photographer living in New York has shown how a population Ddbenuma here is forced to live in shelters. Aeso houses the ‘Solar’ is called. Mumbai is the same as it moves. Population growth and rising living space was not a problem …
Solar is the same building in which the family lived before, but due to the increase in population, many families have settled. This is the situation that many people are sleeping in the same room and accounts. He showed that in the same room, from the uncle-nephew, grandfather-grandson are living.
Cuba’s’ Solron “illustrates the lack of houses in such a crowded country. According to a report, nearly a quarter of Cuba Old Havana are solar home. Given the crisis in Cuba, President Castro’s house in the 2005 renovation of old houses and construction of new homes had ordered. But ten years after the passing of many families are forced to live in Solron.
Cuba said the photo series by photographer Carolina homes within wanted to show different levels of life. He said “As a documentary photographer, I wanted to show it fairly. I started the project since 2013 and my intention was to slow the project as much as the life of Cuba is slow. “He is very much like the people of Cuba Photo Kincwana, I just had to approach it once.