The world’s tallest temple, named Vrindavan Chandroday Mandir, is still under construction at Mathura, but on September 9, 2016, it celebrated Radha Ashtami in its premises. The temple, which would be completed by 2022, is being built on a budget of around 700 crores by ISKON, making it one of the most expensive places of worship ever built.  Let’s take a look at some unbelievable facts of this temple.
Tallest and safest
Since the building is 210m tall, authorities are taking precautions to protect it against World Trade Centre kind of terror attack. For this, an American security company has been hired as guards.
6 helipads inside the campus
Vrindavan Chandroday Mandir would have a sprawling 50-acre campus with a total of six helipads. (Mukesh Ambani’s home Antilla has 3 helipads)The Krishna Leela Park inside the temple premises will showcase the endearing and naughty stories of Lord Krishna in 4D technology. This will be first such park in India.
There would be 3 main temples inside the premises- of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Radha Krishna & Krishna Balram. Together they will be able to hold 5 lakh people.

A high speed lift in the temple will cover the distance of 8 meters (two floors) in one second.
A capsule elevator will rise up through the temple core, taking visitors through different levels, showing planetary systems in the universe as described in the Vedic literature. An immersive sound & light show will accompany this. The lift will finally stop at 700 feet, giving a breathtaking view of BrajMandal to the visitors.The premises will have as many as 12 forest areas including Talvan (Palm forest), Bandivan (Banyan tree forest) , Brindavan (Basil forest), and Nidhi van. An artificial Yamuna will also flow through the grounds.