In May, we heard about how Facebook plans to take on YouTube with music videos, and now plans to bring offline video viewing ability to users. According some reports floating online, the social giant plans a pilot testing in order to introduce video downloads in India.

Now, though India is among the top 3 biggest smartphone markets in the world, we aren’t even remotely close to such numbers when it comes to Internet connectivity. In the past, we have seen companies like Google introduce free Wi-Fi on stations in the bid to bring as many people online as possible. With the new Facebook feature, users will be able to download and save videos to watch later.

A Facebook spokesperson told VentureBeat, “We’ve heard feedback that in markets like India, mobile data and internet connectivity is limited and many people struggle with poor video experiences. So we’re testing an option for people to download videos to Facebook while they’re online on good internet connections, to view the video at anytime, online or offline, without using extra mobile dataAccording to a report by TechCrunch, Facebook plans to start the testing with a small group of people starting 11 July. The report reveals that Facebook has sent out an email to the select group explaining people will be able to download videos when with good Internet connection, and watch later at anytime..