Facebook has sent out push notifications to all its users announcing that it is shutting down its news notification app Notify. The app was introduced just seven months ago by the social media giant.

In November, Facebook released the app only for iOS users. Now Facebook decided to kill it, and absorb all the supported technology into its other products.

The company sent out notifications that read, “We’re transitioning parts of Notify into other Facebook products, and the app will no longer be supported.” Notify essentially collated news from around 70 publications and delivered it to users on their lock screen depending on their preferences.

Facebook tells TechCrunch, “We will begin integrating Notify functionality into other Facebook products, like Messenger, and will be removing Notify from the App Store. Since launching Notify, we’ve learned a lot about how to make notifications as timely and relevant as possible and we heard from people using the app that Notify helped them stay informed about things they cared about throughout the day. With more than 900 million people using Messenger each month, we think there is a great opportunity for publishers to reach even more people interested in real-time updates from their favourite sources.”

Messenger is already rumored to be experimenting with chatbots, and this new notification tech will possibly leverage that effort. Messenger has a huge user-base, and will bring more readers to news sites, than Notify ever did.